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This website is dedicated to the Standard Poodles that have enriched my life. It is also dedicated to the collaborative spirit of the Poodle community that I rely on for friendship, wisdom and advice. Welcome to the home of Adagio Standard Poodles.

My first Standard Poodle was purchased in 1997. This Poodle, Freddy, became an AKC Champion in 2002 after a few short months of limited showing, capably handled by Kathi Johnson of Marquis Poodles. I learned the art of show coat maintenance from Kathi and she became my mentor in all things Poodle related. I soon put a freelance design career on hold to immerse myself in the business of creative pet styling. This journey has evolved into a breeding program dedicated to upholding the AKC Poodle Breed Standard set forth by The Poodle Club of America.

Possessing both beauty and brains, Standard Poodles often excel as retrievers and are loyal companions. A Poodle’s personality can be quite clown-like and exuberant and yet one would be hard pressed to find a dog more willing to please. These personality traits make a Standard Poodle a great choice for Obedience and Agility work as well as faithful companionship. I breed discriminately for stable temperament, health, beauty, brains and structure. Structure is the framework and foundation of a dog. Good structure enables a Poodle to effortlessly cover ground with proud head carriage and an upright tail. It is my goal to combine the elements of temperament, beauty, brains and structure along with a history of good health into my breeding program. The first generation of my endeavor is on the ground. Browse my website for a peek into the future of Adagio Standard Poodles

Black and possibly Blue Standard Poodle puppies expected at the end of August 2013, inquiries now being accepted.

Please visit us at Blue Ribbon Pet Salon in Virginia Beach, Virginia for all your grooming needs! For more information on Blue Ribbon's all-breed grooming services, please visit our website at: www.blueribbonpetsalon.com

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